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"A staggering joy to watch...For in the loveable Lily Featherstone, Claudia Kinahan has created the perfect little lady. And this little lady is a star. Who knows, Kinahan might well be one too." 

-The Arts Review


A play for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye.

Join six year old Lily as she packs up her favourite worldly possessions.
She’s going to her Wendy House and once she gets there she’s never coming back.


Lily spends her life travelling between a rural Irish village and a large paediatric hospital in Dublin.

Through the delicate intertwining of her memories, Lily explores the struggles that families face in moments of trauma and the fearless power of childhood innocence and imagination.


Written and Performed by Claudia Kinahan
Directed and Produced by Rachel Bergin

Lighting Designer / Dara Hoban

Set Designer / Ellen Kirk

Costume Designer / Annachiara Vispi

Sound Designer / Richard Durning

Assistant Producer / Brian McMahon Gallagher

Stage Manager / Ellie Hendry

Production Manager / Oscar O'Leary Fitzpatrick

Poster Design / Darragh Hughes

Production Photography / Futoshi Sakauchi

Originally produced at Smock Alley Boys' School, Dublin in May 2018. 

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