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In the midst of a tragedy, three people find improbable joy.


Patterns. They always come in threes.


Knocks on doors.

Bad news.



Groups of three scream routine.

We understand threes. We know how they work.


The #3 bus picks up three passengers at stop 3 of its journey. 08:03. Perpetual.

Three swipes of a leap card: Beep. Beep. Beep.

Three silent prayers that the Tesco stop comes quickly.

Three hands reaching for three bells.


What happens after three? What if it’s not what you expected?

After 3, the pattern breaks.

It has to break.

It Will Break.

Devised by Bríd Ní Chomáín, Ethan Dillon, Claudia Kinahan, Brian McMahon Gallagher, Síofra O'Meara.


Directed by Claudia Kinahan

Performed by Bríd Ní Chomáín, Ethan Dillon, Síofra O'Meara

Set Designer / Lauren Kelly

Lighting Designer / Nora Fisher

Sound Designer / Richard Durning

Costume Designer / Catríona Moloney

Poster Design / Brian McMahon Gallagher

Originally produced at Smock Alley, Dublin as part of the 2018 Scene & Heard Festival.

Development supported by Clare County Council.

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