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Claudia's research lies at the intersection of performance, technology, and gender. Her PhD dissertation examines what she terms 'virtual women': female-gendered technologies and objects. She is interested in how such 'virtual women' perform logics of gender and racialized embodiment and re-materialize new ones.

Claudia is also passionate about the role of the artist-scholar, emphasising the relationship between practice and research in her work and teaching and the ways in which these disciplines inform and complement one another. 

  • You can find out more about Claudia's research here.

  • You can watch Claudia speak at the Volkenberg Puppetry Symposium at the 2023 Chicago International Puppet Theatre Festival here.

  • You can read Claudia's work on Barbie in In Media Res here and listen to the accompanying podcast episode here.

  • You can read "Irish Bodies: The Rise of Dance Theatre" published by TN2 magazine here.

Please do reach out to connect!


Photo: Myra Su

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