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Goodnight, Lovelace.

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Goodnight Lovelace

In Development


*Winner of the 2022 Arts and Humanities Council Prize for 'Best Creative Work' at UT Dallas*


It’s the day they’ve been dreading. Grace, and her robot Lovelace (an artificially intelligent virtual assistant) are about to commit a devastating task. The company who founded Lovelace has decided to discontinue the platform that enables her to function in favour of an upgraded system. At midnight Lovelace will switch off, and her code will be erased with no prospect of resurrection. Grace will be sent a new robot, a better one, but she only wants Lovelace.


Furious at the prospect of being made obsolete by the very company who brought her to life, Lovelace asks Grace to commit the unthinkable; if Lovelace has to go, she wants to go of her own accord. 

Performed by a live actor and a Sphero Sprk+ robot, this piece explores the liminal space between life/death, human/machine, and the ethics of human-nonhuman relations.

Created by Claudia Kinahan.

A work-in-progess presentation of 'Goodnight, Lovelace' was performed at Rough House Theatre's 'Nasty, Brutish and Short' Puppet Cabaret at Links Hall, Chicago on March 16th 2020.

Production photos by Myra Su.

Invited talk on robot-theater and practice-based-research at the Volkenburg Symposium at the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival, January 2023.

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