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"There were some lovely moments of physical comedy under the direction of Claudia Kinahan (who also directed a personal favourite and award winner Knowing Nathan at the Complex in 2018), as the four slip between characters with ease, using accents and movement to inhabit each new character."

-Laura Marriott Writing


Welcome to Shakers!
We meet our four waitresses among the hustle and bustle of gossip and spilled cocktails. As they navigate the claustrophobia, and chaos of a busy bar we are given an insight into their lives which is at times poignant, and dangerously funny. Shakers is a timeless exploration of friendship and courage, and what it really mean to work in the service-industry.



Written by John Godber & Jane Thornton

Directed by Claudia Kinahan

Stage Manager / Anne Costello

Lighting Designer/ Sophie Cassidy

Sound Designer / Lara Gallagher

Set Designer/ Jack Rogers

Costume Designer/ Catríona Moloney

Producer / Annie Doona

Production Manager / Emily Long

Production Photography / Ger Holland

Mel / Heather O'Sullivan

Adele / Hannah Osborne

Carol / Connie Doona

Nikki / Meg O'Brien


Originally produced at Smock Alley Boys' School, Dublin for Waiting Tables Productions in June 2019.

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